Okay, it’s GO time!

So I was beating myself up tonight again after trying to get into comic-book mode and getting pissed after scribbling for a while, and after a while nailed down one big freason the creative juices aren’t oozing so much right now. See, last year I had this killer idea for a graphic-novel-comic-thingaroo and was stuck in “Holy crap, I’ve got another amazing idea for it!” (giggle) mode for a few months. And I’m just now getting used to the fact that that wave came and went (inevitably– duh), and I’m now in the “Don’t… know… what… to… do…” stage. This morning Milton’s muse descended upon me and whispered, “You have to get organized, dummy.”

“So I shall make a Plan,” the dummy oathed, Dwight-like, “a Plan that will set a sequence of design elements: a schedule that, if obeyed, will produce the meat, if not the pretty skin, of the hallowed tome floating so haughtily in the misty cradle of my dreams! Ach, those meddling mists!”

So here’s the deal: I have added a link at the top of the page to “The Schedule”. As I attain goals on the schedule, I will cross the item off it and post a tantalizing and able-to-be-plagiarized-at-no-emotional-or-financial-cost-to-myself sample of that stage’s work to prove to the world (that means you, gentle viewer) that it really happened, at which time we can both rejoice together.

I believe it was in the Zelda game “The Wind Waker” that we were first introduced to the Cave of Ordeals, in which Link had to fight through level after descending level of progressively more challenging battles until, after many weary sword-swings, he finally reached the little treasure chest at the very bottom and earned his reward. Such will this task be for me, recognizing that after each batch of sketches and story-work completed my reward will be so much fantasticker that the depressing little ‘piece of heart’ or whatever it was you so painfully slogged down to in Zelda. It will be an actual publishable piece of work, hopefully to appear in many bookstores around the world, bringing joy and wonder into the homes of kids like myself. When I was a kid.

Who liked to read comics.

Join me, then, won’t you? And along the way we’ll chat about other things such as music and movies and stuff, and get to know each other better, which blogs are pretty good for. And maybe you’ll get as excited about my project(s) as I am, and the world will rock a little more because we’re vibin’.

By the way, since I have to leave work now, I’ll post the “Schedule” in a couple nights when I’m back in. Verily, I swear it to be true.


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