Good News and Neutral News.

The neutral news:  Before continuing on with any part of my comic, I’m going to finish a couple of gift-art-projects I wanted to do all winter for some people who really deserve them.  After they’re out of the way (the projects, not the people), work shall resume without any other guilty hinderances.

The good news:  I’ll be able to post the progress on those projects so I can get some visuals up on my page by which to hopefully make any readers actually excited to check this blog again.   I feel horrible that I started this thing and then left people hanging wihtout anything art-y to look at.  One of the projects is a menu for our friends’ restaurant; it’ll be the second menu I’ve designed, the first one being for a cafe in Sagamihara-shi near Tokyo, also owned by some longtime friends.  It looks like this:


Dana (my wife) did the watercolor on the cover.  The little margin-pictures are things found around the cafe.  The owner plays classical guitar and the fruit painting is by his daughter.  I’m really excited to do another menu- it turned out to be a lot like doing a comic; sequential sets of panels with images and text…  let’s hope this next one works out.  It’ll have a much more Minnesnowta-y feel.  Please tune in very soon for some sketches!

4 Responses to “Good News and Neutral News.”

  1. jojospencer Says:

    After seeing you and Dana colaborate on our wedding invites and program, I can only say for certain, this menu is gonna be freakin rad. Super pumped to see what doors this opens for you.

  2. Add a new post or I’ll creatively hurt you !*!*!*!

  3. I agree with Dana. It depresses me to not see new post. Get moving. Also, I would like to see a copy of what JoJos wedding invite looked like.

  4. Jesse, this site is AMAZING. You have an inborn gift boy! Keep it up…
    Looking at that guitar picture, I think overall that impressed me the most.

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