Le Fin Absolue du Menu

Here is the finalized menu cover, with Dana’s fantabulous watercolors! What a wonderfully perfect cap on this whole project… I’m so excited to present it to our friends, who still have no idea we’re making this menu for them. It’s been a busy, crappy week, but things are looking up!

2 Responses to “Le Fin Absolue du Menu”

  1. Put something new on your blog or I will transform into a….
    Motivational Nipple Twistin’ Butt Spankin’ Wifee Woman
    and we both know how you don’t want that to happen (^_-)
    You have 3 days before complete M>N>T>B>S>2W occurs.
    Avoid this phenomenon….OR….not….. the choice and the fate of your precious nips and buns are all yours…..MMWWAAAHAHAHAHA

  2. It’s the end of day two and I can feel the pincers a formin’

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