What a month…

Crazy, crazy stuff is happening, among which our decision to move to New Brunswick, Canada this Fall is a key note. I will be attending St. Stephen’s University (in St. Stephen, NB) to work towards a Master’s degree in Christian Ministry. The events leading us to attend this school, not to mention pursuing school AT ALL at this point in our lives (I turned 30 in December) have been nothing short of revelatory and mysterious, as well as frustrating and fun. It definitely paints an entirely new color over the next phase of our lives, whose shade we aren’t quite sure how to identify yet, suffice to say it’s GOOD.

Anyway, I wanted to post a drawing I just did for a friend who just finished his Master’s of Divinity at Bethel College. It’s a faux-diploma for a special party held for him. For many years now, I’ve felt a strange attraction to the concept of the four ‘gospel’ animals: man, eagle, cattle, and lion. They’ve found their way into a couple of projects I’ve done, and in putting together a “Christian coat-of-arms”, they fit in perfectly. There are many things in it I would like to change, but I only had one night to do it, so c’est la vie…  Maybe I’ll polish it up sometime.

Congratulations to my awesome friend on a long, hard job well done, and I’ll post again soon!

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