I’ve been a small amount of work away from creating a decent portfolio of my artwork for about, oh, say ten years now.  I really don’t know what my deal is, besides just being a self-defeating procrastinator.  Without clear, immediate results, that kind of thing just gets eternally put on the back burner.  But since finding out about the fun comics industry in Minneapolis, I want to defeat the self-defeat really really badly.  One thing about me is that if it’s not for some specific purpose, I never finish things.  I have so much unfinished artwork laying around!  I’m gonna finish some old good ones and make some new finished pieces and create a good portfolio, finally.  I AM GOING TO.  Last night at work I started a new piece, with the sole intent of just being pretty and fun to draw, as well a basic representation of my drawing style and influences.  It’s still a one-night-at-work sketch, but I made my first-ever animated gif showing the stages of it so far, with the sole intent of making an animated gif for the first time.  (You have to click the pic to see the animation.)  The finished picture will be a little goofier than the sketch; she’s gonna be shooting something

That’s another thing I want to do: finally learn all the programs I’ve been meaning to, such as Photoshop (the 75% of it I haven’t fiddled around with yet), Illustrator, and Flash.  The guys I met at the Cartoonist Conspiracy also use font programs (which I’ve fiddled with a little), and stuff like InDesign (which I’ve never even touched).

Also, I want to note that “My Book” has not been forgotten.  It was floating in that realm of Things With No Immediately Foreseeable Result, but I’m going to pick it up again.  I know it’s only been one night so far (long nights at work combined with the internet makes those people seem omnipresent), but I know that surrounding myself with people who make me feel lake a lazy freakin’ ass will be inspirational.  Which makes me feel like crap for my wife, who is my most stalwart supporter and motivator, but gosh darnit, she’s never published a comic book!  Tomorrow’s our 8th anniversary, by the way, and I’m in love with her.

Thanks for looking at this stuff, whoever you may be.

EDIT: Uh, I just realized, after groaning to myself about how hard it is to render toes, that the whole foot is backwards.  I’m just gonna give in to temptation and indulge myself for a moment: “Oh!  The agony of da feet!” Phew…  Sometimes a bad pun fixes everything.  (Speaking of which, “Animated Gif” would be a cool band name.)

One Response to “Port-folly-os”

  1. The Little Woman Says:

    Next time you should take up my offer to model, as not to get little tootsie-pops mixed up!*!*
    I’m in love with you too!*!* Nerdy man of mine!*!*
    You’re star-steller!*!*!*

    p.s. After eight years I’m still chalk full of mystery…how do you know I haven’t published a comic or a novel for that matter. Hmmm.

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