Those marks on his chest…

I was afraid I might not get to do 24-Hour Comics Day due to my job, but it looks like everything’s gonna be okay!  Lots of fun stuff happening recently: last Thursday I went to my second Cartoonists Conspiracy hang-out-art-jam-fun-time, where we drew holiday-themed cartoons while listening to the VP debates.  Not my exact choice of auditory stimulation while drawing Christmas pictures (or any kind of pictures, for tha matter), but it was fun anyway.  You can see the results of that jam here, but be warned: there were thirteen (I think) people contributing, each consecutive panel being thunk up by a different person, and the themes run from pimps to nailgun crucifixions to internet porn at the North Pole.  The pictures themselves are fairly safe, though.  See if you can guess which five panels are mine!  I had a really good time, though, and it’s fun getting to know the people who attend.  And the coffee shop they meet at is great.  If any of you Conspirators are reading this, I’ll see you next month!

I decided to break my creativity vow for the 24-Hour deal.  I really want to go in being comfortable with a theme for time’s sake.  After doing a practice page to gauge my drawing speed (something I’ve never done before), I realize that it’s hard for me to draw quickly, and I’m gonna need all the time I can get.  Here’s it is, and it took me about an hour and 40 minutes from concept to lettering.  (Not including the grey shading; I added that later.)  Bleh.

One difficult thing is using a brush.  I want to for the marathon, but I’ve only just starting learning with it, and it’s hard to control.  I’m going to try another page tonight, hopefully, with less detail and more brush finesse.  Here’s the first try, and it’s dedicated to my brother-in-law JoJo, in honor of our cancelled all-day-Kung-Fu-movie marathon which I was super jazzed about.  It’ll happen, dude!  It’ll happen!

I was also thinking about Chinese landscape painting, and was fiddling around with cliff designs.  I liked how these came out, even though it kinda turned into Giant Melting Raisin Land.  After the main cliff crouping, I crapped out on the background; I wish I would have spent more time on it.  Maybe I’ll revisit the theme later.  I need to practice up my fast-brush-movement nature-rendering skills; that’ll be a nice bonus with using a brush for the Comic Day.  Asian art is great for that.

Um, for some reason WordPress isn’t wanting to make thumbnails.  Weird.

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