I survived 24-Hour Comic Day!  Wowzers!  It was quite the experience.  There were about 25 people participating at the Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis (and I found out later that a whole ‘nother group was doing it at MCAD, too).  We were all asked to take turns at a live blog for the extent of the event, which is pretty entertaining and has some good pictures.  It also contains links to all the comics that have been scanned and posted so far.  You’ll take a look, if you know what’s good for you: http://24-hourcomic.blogspot.com

The amount of artistic and literary talent together in that room was pretty impressive, even if most of the people there would scoff and snicker at that description.  These people are real artists who love doing what they do; it was really inspiring to be among them and the little gems they produced.  As far as my own work went, I was A) bummed because I realized pretty early on that I wouldn’t be able to finish 24 pages, but in the end I was B) pleased with what did get finished: a funny, goofy mock-kung fu story with quirky characters and some really fun panels of a bunny suction-cupping onto (and off of) a guy’s face.  I’ve been thinking about making mini-comics with continuing themes and characters like a bunch of my new cartoonist friends do (I really love Danno Klonowski’s “Manly Tales of Cowardice”), and these characters might just do the trick.  Drawing a kung-fu series would be sooooo fun.

Anyway, Click the link to go the gallery page of my 24-Hour comic: “AUTHENTIC ORIENTAL MARTIAL ROLE MODELS”!!!

It was astounding how much that stint of drawing took out of me, though (hence the post title).  I had a really bad allergy attack the entire time, so I was basically holding a Kleenex under my leaking nose and wincing with inflamed, cracking nostrils for what seemed like eternity.  My head was super stuffed and sinus-y, and we were forced to listen to about 4 solid hours of WFMU’s “Old Codger” broadcasts which, while pretty dang funny and hosting a fantastic selection of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s music, reacted like baking soda and water with my aching, corked noggin and made it want to explode in a foaming blast of mucus and hot air.  Added to that, your hand hurts really bad after drawing for about four or five hours straight, which I’ve experienced before.  Nothing prepares you for twenty-four.  I made the horrible mistake of saving all the lettering for last.  So many little tiny specifically-formed shapes… I will not do that again.  And you’re hunched over like a troll, focusing so hard on the tip of whatever utensil you happen to be using,  the whole time, so the next day your eyes feel like they’ve been skewered, your back feels like it’s got rickets, and your hand feels like a burning mannequin.  And your mind is still so very, very tired…  Ugh.  And then you go back to working the night shift.  My poor, poor wife.  Dana gets a lot of credit for putting up with me in the aftermath, man.  I love you so much, my foxy Punkin.

But none of that affected what a great, fun, unique, bizarre and educational experience it was!  I wouldn’t have traded it for ALMOST anything.  Thanks so much to Danno and everyone else who hosted and participated in it!  I’m already girding my loins for next year!  Yow!


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