Now I’m Thirty-and-One

It was my golden birthday on New Year’s Eve! Wheeeee! Golden birthdays are a kind of bizarre idea. Does anyone ever do anything different on ’em? I have no idea if there are traditions or anything.
Anyway, Here’s a picture I drew for a Christmas card.  Click to zoom.   Oshogatsu omedetou, tomodachitachi!


One Response to “Now I’m Thirty-and-One”

  1. Hey. I feel kind of weird about this, but what the hey.

    I was the dude sitting next to you at the last Conspiracy–bearded, glasses, enormous head, very strange? Right, him. I said I was going to email you, and I know I haven’t, but that’s mostly because I can’t find your email address on this site.

    Possibly (probably) it’s because I’m dumb. Drop me a line, chief.

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