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Uptown Girl, plus 80’s Video Madness!

Posted in Blogging, Comics, Drawings, Miscellaneous, The Crazy World on March 30, 2009 by gladlad

One of my Conspiracy friends, Bob Lipski, does a fantastic minimalist self-published comic called “Uptown Girl“.  He honored me by asking me to do a guest comic, which I did.  It isn’t as long or cool as I planned it to be due to life being crazy lately, but… it exists.  I’ll do something awesome next time, Bob!  Anyway, here it is:


In other news, Dana and I are buying our first house!  Wow!  It’s actually the house we’ve been living in for the last three years, but the owners,two of our best friends, are moving out of the communal-living situation we’ve been doing, and two of our other best friends are movin’ in, and buying the house with us!

Oh, and I also have appeared in a rather ridiculous music video on YouTube for the When in Rome song “The Promise”.  In which, if you look closely, you can glimpse my sexy nipple, which I had no idea was exposed.  But it quite possibly makes the video about twice as awesome.  Judge for yourself!  (The other, unusually larger dude (due to camera perspective) is my brother Ben- the video is his brainchild.)

The Irresistible Revolution!

Posted in Literature on March 13, 2009 by gladlad

Holy cow.  Shane Claiborne, man…  Reading this book (see post title) is like stepping into the Twilight Zone for me, in a really wonderful, mind-blowing, life-warping way.  I think this guy and me were part of a cloning experiment and are really the same person living two totally different lives with different experiences, but having the same mind.  Or maybe I’m the spiritual Danny DeVito to his Arnold Schwarzennegger from “Twins“.  Whichever, I want to meet him and hang out– but I also want to do what he and his friends are doing!  Bigtime.

Actually, I’m only about halfway through, so maybe I’ll have to eat my words, but Shane would have to try pretty hard to screw up what he’s got going so far.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Superfantistica Comix

Posted in Comics, Drawings on March 8, 2009 by gladlad

Some friends of mine from the Cartoonist Conspiracy are putting together a collection of themed indie mini-comics from lots of creators, including my jam buds Dan Olson, Danno Klonowski, and Steve Stwalley. It’s called “Superfantanstica Comix”, and will be sold in comic shops around the Twin Cities. This’ll be the fourth issue, and the theme is “Science Fair”. I’m submitting a three-page comic called “Fount”, which you can read here, too, ‘cuz I’m open-source and crazy like that. If you live in Minneapolis, go buy it when it comes out so you can support the artists who put it together! In the meantime, you can also check out the homepage at — sweetness!