Superfantistica Comix

Some friends of mine from the Cartoonist Conspiracy are putting together a collection of themed indie mini-comics from lots of creators, including my jam buds Dan Olson, Danno Klonowski, and Steve Stwalley. It’s called “Superfantanstica Comix”, and will be sold in comic shops around the Twin Cities. This’ll be the fourth issue, and the theme is “Science Fair”. I’m submitting a three-page comic called “Fount”, which you can read here, too, ‘cuz I’m open-source and crazy like that. If you live in Minneapolis, go buy it when it comes out so you can support the artists who put it together! In the meantime, you can also check out the homepage at — sweetness!



5 Responses to “Superfantistica Comix”

  1. These panel layouts are fantastic… lovely stuff, Jesse.

  2. Thanks for putting together the story Jesse! I will bring a copy of the book tomorrow, to the jam. Unfortunately, it is the only clean copy I have. The other is marked to hell with pen and highlighter. The actual shipment of books will be showing up on Friday, just one day too late, I guess!

  3. I’ve been trying to get this book from Danno forever, but I’m always missing like 1 dollar! One of these days, I’ll be a real boy and buy one. Your work in it is a highlight of the issue!

    • Hey! You commented on something on my website! What a strange and rare happening! I love you!!!
      Also, it was awesome to see you at the jam, and I hope we can get together soon. I’m trying to nail down a good day for it, but don’t worry, it’ll come. From what it sounds like, you’re just as busy! I’m excited to see your new studio sometime. Ciao, baby!

  4. Ben Gillespie Says:

    Flippin Sweet. How fun man!

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