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Rollercoaster of Spring

Posted in Blogging, Miscellaneous, Movies on April 6, 2009 by gladlad

Here is our street at 6:30 am two days ago, on April 4th.


Here is our street the next day.  Minnesota is crazy.


But HEY!  Spring is here!  In its own funny way.  Oh!  And I have to share with anyone reading this that Dana and I discovered a fantastic British comedy from at least one of the amazing guys who did “Garth Marenghi’s DARKPLACE”, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  It’s called “THE IT CROWD”, about two I.T. guys and their new computer-illiterate boss in the basement of a fancy office building.  It’s low-budget, has a laugh track, and the humor is super, SUPER cheesy (it’s about techies, donchya know), but I think what sets it apart is the presence of one of my favorite comedy actors, Richard Ayoade.  He’s the guy with the parted ‘fro.  And he’s amazing.  He played Dean Learner in Darkplace, too.

One of the fun things about the show are all the little nerd-culture references in people’s clothes and posters on the wall around the office.  I’ve seen a bunch of things from some of my favortie comic artists and video games and stuff.  Anyway, if you’ve got Netflix, it’s on their “Watch Instantly” list, and in the meantime here’s the super-fly intro: