BIG FUNNY! A finished illustration! Hyperlink city!

I have been honored to have been included in having been a part of an amazingly awesome artistic production called “BIG FUNNY“!  It was first mentioned to me a few months ago by my jam bud Steve Stwalley who has both an amazing website and an amazing hairstyle.  He told me that Altered Esthetics, an art gallery in St. Paul, as well as the Minneapolis cartooning studio Big Time Attic, were producing a tribute to classic newspaper comics!  Now this alone made me quite the excited little lad, but when Steve said that it would be around 40-50 area artists doing full-color, full-newspaper-page comics, one page per person, all printed as an ACTUAL NEWSPAPER of nothing but said comics, I pretty much peed my pants and jumped over the moon.  Don’t try doing that, by the way.  It chafes horribly.  Anyway, I did one last month, and it was just printed last week (I think) and I got to peek at the finished product on jam Thursday.  I was only barely able to contain my urge to once again jump over the moon in pee-pants, thanks to the still-fresh memory of the chafing.  I don’t know who’s reading this, and where you are, and if you’re going to be able to purchase this thing, but if you can, DO IT.  It’s WAYYYYYY more impressive and fun than I ever thought it would be.  There is a BOATLOAD of amazing artists in it, and I’m insanely fortunate and, in truth, flattered to death to have been included among them.  There is also a gallery showing of the originals at Altered Esthetics, the time and place of which you can check out by clicking here.  OH MY GOSH!!!  I’m really excited about it, especially because I’ve finally been able to do a tribute to my all-time favoritest newspaper comic (well, pretty much my favorite art-y thing ever-ever), “Little Nemo in Slumberland”!  For the sake of education, here is a link to Wikipedia’s page on Winsor McCay, the amazing creator of the comic.

Just so you can see how my homage pales miserably in comparison, here is one of his strips (from 1905!!!):

Little Nemo In Slumberland

…and here is my entry to Big Funny, “Little Emo in Slumbaland”:

Little Emo In Slumbaland

Uh… the humor in mine is WAY too obscure, and I’ve constantly regretted having chosen such a dumb idea.  Little Emo only talks in song lyrics characteristic of an emo music fan (I think), and the denizens of Slumbaland speak in a rotten attempt at hip-hop Ebonics.  Cuz it’s Slumb*A*land, get it?  Like Timbaland?  Right?

I’ll write a formal letter of apology to the entire world later.

6 Responses to “BIG FUNNY! A finished illustration! Hyperlink city!”

  1. I love this strip… dead-on McCay, both in art and writing, which is a tall order… and is funny as heck. Thanks for admiring my hair, too.

  2. Jesse, I don’t know how you can even think that this was a dumb idea. I think it is great and can’t wait to see the real art! You ARE going to have it in the show, right?

  3. Hugo Sleestak Says:

    Great stuff! You know, even though I was looking at the whole page here, the idea of the princess growing to humongoid levels was still a pleasant surprise!

  4. Oh no no no! Don’t feel bad. I thought your comic was the bee’s knees. The snake’s hips, even. I chose to use all jumbled up love poetry and golly.

    At least yours makes contextual sense. 🙂

  5. Ben Gillespie Says:

    Amazing Jess
    The frame of The Dawn Mistress, her Swan, Chukapu and Emo (#8) is
    incredible. So Beautiful

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