HOLY *insert culturally appropriate fecal expletive here* !!!

Being a totally mature and thick-skinned adult making his way in the cutthroat business of comics and freelance artistry, I was hardly fazed at all by the recent review of the Big Funny project mentioned in the previous post, in which (one of my favorite cartoonists) “Ape Lad” Adam Koford of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats fame called Little Emo “the stand out”.  In fact, on an emotional level I hardly even noticed the praise because A) I totally knew Big Funny was going to be seen by people like that and B) I had totally predicted my page to “stand out” from the other 50 amazing artists that contributed.  So yeah, if my wife or housemates tell you that I looked anything like this as I read that review for the first time:


They’re full of crap.

There have been two other reviews, too, which can be seen here and here, which also did nothing to chink my manly Stoicism.  You wuss.

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