Forty-eight Pages of AWESOME!!!

Well, the Big Funny gallery opening party-o-rama has come and gone.  And it was…

-~*!!! SO AWESOME !!!*~-

I had only seen two or three of the other comics online in the weeks before the show, so 90% of the content was totally new to me.  (I had to skip Thursday’s Conspiracy jam where they were handing out copies to contributing artists early.)  It was a really special thing to be able to see people’s original artwork to begin with, then the (sometimes full-color) print version in the actual newspaper.  I was really blown away by the overall quality of the work; if you haven’t seen it, it’s really worth ordering a copy, even for the 10-dollar online price (which includes shipping), or you can buy it for 5 at the actual gallery.  I want to shout out some props (‘cuz they got hella chops) to Jamie Schumacher and the rest of the Altered Esthetics crew for putting on a heck of a show.  The gallery made awesome use of space, and made dying of muggy suffocation almost fun.  Man, big crowds can breathe!  It was fun to be in the same room with all these cool people who had contributed to the project, to see all our work together for the first time, together.  (I’m totally available for advanced English sentence construction, by the way.  Call me.)   Also, I really hope Steve Stwalley gets some attention for the great writing in the “articles” and “editorials” on the front page, which were actually one of my favorite parts of the paper; he’s a great writer.

I’m just so fortunate to have been connected with this group of people: artists, writers, jokesters, storytellers, draimwaivahs (Garth Marenghi accent) that are all really helping me a ton to get motivated and actually DO SOMETHING!

Speaking of doing something, I really want to accomplish two things this fall.  1) I want to finish the “pitch” comic project I’m doing with Ted Anderson, who is a great comic writer you should pay attention to, because as soon as we make the scene you’ll be using money with our faces printed on it in your everyday transactions.  Because we’ll be RULING THE WORLD.  Or maybe you won’t be using money at all, which is one thing I might implement if I actually could rule the world.  So now you’ll know who to thank when that happens.  And 2) I want to make at least one mini-comic to share with folks who come to FALLCON!  I’ll probably help host the Cartoonist Conspiracy table there, and probably all my good jam buds will be there.  They all do cool self-printed stuff, and gosh-darnit, I want to join the crowd!  Who knows, maybe we won’t be broke by October and I’ll actually have the means to do so.

Lastly, here’re some snapshots from the opening, for your vidial enjoyment!  (You know, the English language is starving for expression.  Only YOU can help.  Make up a word today.  Thank you.)

big funny wall 1big funny wall 2

a bunch of pages on the wallbig funny gallery opening

the crowdbig funny jesse gillespie little emothe sweaty, excited dork

4 Responses to “Forty-eight Pages of AWESOME!!!”

  1. Lewis Tuck Says:

    You should do a mini for fallcon.

  2. Thanks for the nice write-up, Jesse!

  3. Jesse, I agree with Lewis. I know that you’re bogged down with other stuff, but a mini would be awesome!!!

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