Viking. Tattoo. Mutant puppy.

I have a tip (recently discovered) for any parents out there who enjoy singing lullabies to their kids: learn “There’s a Hole in the Bucket (Dear Liza, Dear Liza).”  It’s a very calming song with a nice rhythm, and if you can make slightly different voices for Henry and Liza, it’s entertaining, too.

And with that randomness out of the way, here are a couple of recentish drawings, just to spice up the site while I’m working on other things:

vikingBike VikeThis is an illustration for a church biking/camping trip to Alexandria, the “Birthplace of America”; I’ve done a t-shirt design for them the last four years.



skull tattoo

Every few weeks I get re-convinced I need a tattoo.  I’m holding out for the perfect design idea, though, and it hasn’t appeared yet.  This one comes dang close, though.  Any suggestions?



And here’s… …       …      …anyway, here it is.  I was in a Jim Woodring mood.  Take him with you in your heart today; he needs love.

4 Responses to “Viking. Tattoo. Mutant puppy.”

  1. I love that last Woodring-esque drawing. It reminds me of Falcor from The Neverending Story.

  2. Ted (PSU coach) Says:


    I coach ultimate frisbee at Portland State University and I like your art. We’re looking for a logo to put on our discs and jerseys that shows:

    “viking biking after disc”

    with the text:

    “PSU Ultimate”

    Could you make something for us?

    If so we would be happy to send you a free disc and jersey, you would also get the amazing satisfaction of having your design spinning around on hundreds of discs.



  3. Mike Wilson Says:

    Hi – I’d like to talk to you about using the Viking on a Bike logo – can you contact me at mike (at) smallsitehost (dot)com? Thanks!

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