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Happy Halloween from the Tethered Hawk!

Posted in Drawings, Somewhere Else on October 31, 2009 by gladlad

ScreamingWilderWallpaperWe had a Halloween party at the after-school hangout spot I volunteer at (Somewhere Else), and watched Young Frankenstein with our projector.  We have blackboard walls there, and my friend Dave made the brilliant suggestion of tracing a freeze frame from the movie on the wall, which I did.  The party was a blast; the staff are awesome, lots of kids came in costume, I couldn’t ask for a better group of young people to spend time with in general, and I got to eat lots of chili dogs, which are among my favorite world cuisine.  Mergatroid.  Here are some of the staff:

HalloweenIt was a great end to a really crazy month.  Stressful, fun, busy, exciting, frustrating, relieving, tiring, and many other descriptions apply.  I have been doing much less drawing than I could have due to being very tired pretty much every day, so I’ve been feeling really guilty about how procrastinative I end up, as well as how little I’ve added to this page.  I went to a sweet comic convention, too, and haven’t even posted pictures!  But I’m slowly finishing up the stuff I’m doing for various people who’ve asked me to do things, and I hope November holds more energy and focus, and some actual finished projects.  For my friends’ sake, I sure hope so.  Soon, I’m gonna post some fun vaguely Halloween-related stuff, so check back in a few days for some visual stimulation.  Love and peace!

A Forest of Teeth

Posted in Comics, Drawings on October 6, 2009 by gladlad

Well, my 24-hour comic is up!  Click the image below to go straight there.  You may notice I made a grouped page for the (two, so far) 24-hours I’ve done.  The ‘Martial Role Models’ one from last year is right under the new one.  Uh… that’s about it!  Oh, I should mention to the purists that not only did I not ink it, I also wrote in about half the text after I got home.  It was all in my head, though, from the thumbnail stage, I swear!  Except for the Dryad’s “song” in the middle…  that I wrote afterward.  So, basically a total 24-hour comics day failure.  Oh, well– there’s always next year!


I survived ’24-hour Comics Day’!!!

Posted in Comics, The Crazy World on October 5, 2009 by gladlad

Here’re the folks who started Oct. 3rd at 10 am:

group sat 11am

…you can check the link for some blogs and pictures.  This was my second year doing it.  Last year I only drew 14 pages, but they were all finished and snazzy.  This year I drew the full 24 pages (!!!), but only in pencil.  Once again, my visionambision ran away with my ability to actually perform physical acts within a 24-hour space of time, and I was rendered powerless to ink.  But I have to say that I am really pleased with the final results, though I have no idea if I’ll actually finish up the art and stuff or not…  I’m thinking of simply turning the blue pencils into greyscale on Photoshop and adding a bit of color, maybe.  We’ll see.

As an experience, this year’s 24-hour was outstanding.  We had a ton of fun people, many of whom performed with outlandish skill and pluck, coming up with some totally rad comics that I can’t wait to see all put together.  We a had a bunch of people connected to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design attending this year, and they really made the rest of us look like crap.  Walking around peeking, I felt like I was taking a tour of an animation studio or something!  I met some great new comic nerd friends, and got to play some of my own music for everyone this year, which was a real treat.  Cheers to Carlos, Vern and Zach, who I had some really nice chats with.  I hope I can run into those guys more in the future!  I was kind of bummed when it was all over because I had so much fun hobnobbing and lallygagging that I totally forgot to blog at all during the night.  Bummage.

Another thing that made it really great was the fact that by putting inking out of my mind as the night went along, the task of drawing all night and day took much less out of me than last year.  Inks, especially with a brush, take so much fine motor skill and concentration that you end up locking every muscle in your body up without thinking about it, and it really strains you.  At least, it does for an inking amateur like myself.  But the pencils flowed smooth and easy all night, and my sketches came out surprisingly clean, with not a whole lot of wasted line.  And the whole time I was just really happy with the story that grew from my four randomly-selected dictionary words that I started the event with.  As a hint of what’s to come, those words were: THEORY, CONVALESCE, DRYAD, and ORTHODONTICS.  That’s right, baby.  You couldn’t ask for a better narrative setup.

And to top it all off, Dana made a truckload of the best freakin’ cranberry-oatmeal-white-chocolate-chip cookies ever, increasing everyone’s quality and productivity by over 23.4 percent.  Oh, here’re the rockstars who persevered until 10 am the following day (to be fair, Danno Klonowski should also be there, having taken off only moments before.  He stayed the whole time even though his comic was finished long hours before.  What a star!):

The group sun 10a

Sorry to say you won’t be able to see the scans of my comic right now, as there aren’t any.  Soon, though!  I’ll get ’em on here ASAP.  In the meantime, click the link below to check out other people’s stuff.

Peace and love, and stay tuned to the Tethered Hawk!