The Alien-a-Day Project

In 2001, I was working as a photo-developer/camera salesman at Ritz Camera in Duluth’s Miller Hill Mall.  You should’ve seen that place after the 9/11 attack.  Ghost town.  No one was buying stuff for a while after that, and at the time, we had no idea how long that lull would last.  No one bought cameras for months afterward, and hardly anyone was developing pictures.  I spent days and days just sitting behind the counter trying to occupy myself with various activities that would usually be frowned upon in a work environment.  I spent hours meticulously covering my many pulp paperback sci-fi and spy novels with packaging tape, to increase durability.

Enlightening Classical Literature

I built an 11-foot tall alien out of duct tape and cardboard as a window prop for our Halloween party.

It was obviously a great time to do some drawings.  At that time I’d been frustrated at my inability to draw decent-looking stuff in ink, without having to pencil it in first.  It’s something I still struggle with, and I like the monthly jams for giving me an excuse to practice.  Anywho, I decided to start the “alien-a-day project”, in which I, predictably, tried to draw one new alien every day for as long as my interest would hold out.  Unfortunately (for me, but not the economy in general) work picked up before I got very far, but I liked the designs that came out of it.  I’d like to unveil those old guys here, since I’m not really producing anything new (well, at least showable) at the moment.  There is also a selection of other aliens and monsters I’ve drawn in the last decade, such as the ones from the amazing video game my friend Aaron and I were feverishly creating back in 1999, some Lovecraftian goodies, and so much more.  Click the image below to check ’em out!

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