Jo-Jo’s Story

Last month I did some illustrations for a “children’s book” describing the young life of my brother-in-law, Jo-Jo.  He grew up in Chicago and lived life on the super-duper wrong side of the tracks for a while, but turned around and is now one of the coolest guys in town.  The book was written by a guy named Truett Lawson, and was the result of a couple people realizing the wish of a woman who died recently who wanted to make a book that would affect the lives of people in prison, telling about Jesus’ love for them.  Jo-Jo asked me to do the illustrations, and I began working on some stuff like this:

Which I was really enjoying.  “Painting” in Photoshop is fun, when it works, and I was excited to continue, and had a few sketches laid out for the other pieces, but then my laptop broke.  It just stopped turning on.  So I had to send it in to the shop and furiously bash out the illustrations by hand in just a few days.  And here they are:

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