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Lutefisk Sushi: D

Posted in Comics, Drawings on August 7, 2010 by gladlad

Hullo, Internetherlands.  Long time no see!  The main reason I got off my butt today to post something is the unveiling of Lutefisk Sushi “D”, which is the fourth installment of a box-set of mini-comics by Minnesotan artists.  Over 50 people contributed to it, and the gallery opening/completion party was last night at Altered Esthetics in Minneapolis.  I did an 8-page comic called “Hybrid Hyjinks”, which you can read by clicking on the pictures below!  I don’t really know where it all came from, suffice to say it was done very last-minute after reading a lot of Jane Austen and thinking about mythological creatures for some reason.

Also below is a piece of gift-art I did for my Conspiracy friend Ryan Dow who does a web comic called Introspective Comics, and is really wonderful (both the guy and the comic).  He mentioned “Space Unicorns” randomly in the introduction of his (really worth buying) collection called “The Art of Failing Buddhism“, whence I drew the subject matter.  I kinda want to do a whole comic epic about space unicorns now.