Chosen by the Hand of Fate

Woohooooo!  Last year I did some illustrations for Defiant Development, awesome Aussie game development chaps, and they asked me to help out with another project!!!  It’s called “Hand of Fate”, and is kind of a spiritual sequel to Heroes Call (the previous one I worked on) in that it still involves isometric 3D dungeon-crawling RPG stuff.  However, this one is built around the concept of a deck of cards which serve as your map through a randomized dungeon and the monsters and treasures within.  And (drum roll) I get to design all the cards!!!  The super fun thing about it is that they asked me to emulate a kind of medieval woodcut/brushwork feel, which is right up my alley.  Black and white rudimentary-form archaic scrawling FTW!!!  Once again, they devs have been a joy to work with; super patient and helpful with feedback.

Right now the game exists only as a demo with a limited amount of content, but the finished work will start soon and I’ll be designing a lot more cards.  For now, here’s some samples of the work I’ve been doing on it, for your viewing pleasure:HoF_Bordered_1_by_Gladlad

HoF_Bordered_2_by_GladladHoF_Skeletons_Face_by_Gladad HoF_Misc_1_by_GladladHoF_Spiders_by_Gladad HoF_Goblins_by_GladadHoF_Barbarian_by_GladladHoF_Mage_by_GladladHoF_Weapons_by_Gladad   HoF_Misc_2_by_Gladad  HoF_Skeletons_Misc_by_GladadHoF_Skeletons_Mirrored_by_Gladad HoF_Skeletons_Misc_2_by_Gladad  HoF_Food_by_Gladad

7 Responses to “Chosen by the Hand of Fate”

  1. It’s so sad to see you haven’t been honing your skills at all and you’ve really let yourself get sloppy. Oh, wait, I mean, the opposite of that. Lovely work!

    • It’s so refreshing to see that you have been working on your sarcasticness and double-talk and never leading comments with seeming ire and harshness. No, wait– I mean “Thanks, dude!!!”

  2. Those are great… especially the skeletons. Very consistently stylized. Hope all is good with you!

  3. Shanon Cornelius Says:

    have been playing a lot of hand of fate and just had to see who had been making the amazing artwork for the cards. looking forward to seeing all of the finished card designs.

    • Thank you so much! I’m sorry for neglecting this site for so long; life’s been pretty crazy ever since my last post. I’ve been meaning to get back into updates here, and seeing a few messages sparked by the game has been a good kick in the butt. So thanks for your interest, your kind words, and for being awesome!

      PS– Make sure you check out my gallery at if you want to see a bunch more stuff! Cheerio!

  4. So hey… I was wondering I can use these right I mean I want to make hand of fate a real thing just for me and my friends to play nothing more then that also wow great work i really hope you make some more thanks.

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