Created in 24 hours for International 24-Hour Comics Day 2009 (October 3rd). I got the full 24 pages, but only pencils…   For the story, I pulled 4 random dictionary words: THEORY, CONVALESCE, ORTHODONTICS, and DRYAD.



Created in 24 hours for International 24-Hour Comics Day 2008 (October 18th).  It was supposed to be 24 pages, but…  it’s not.  Bleh.  5 random themes from a Pictionary card: BLACK FOREST, GLASS, REMEMBER, JEWEL, RAY.

5 Responses to “~24-HOUR COMIC DAY… COMICS!”

  1. You are amazing Jesse! 🙂

    (jenni carlson!)

  2. Good stuff Jesse! I really enjoyed the toning that you used on the trees. Also, the counter-bite was quite funny. Congrats!

  3. lupiloops Says:

    I like the panel with the monk bowing. Nice drawing.

    Are these guys a parody of Tripitaka and Sun Wu-k’ung?

  4. Erika Strandlund Says:

    Very very niice Jesse. I could totally see Jo-Jo lol Can’t wait to see the next part!!

  5. […] JESSE GILLESPIE draws some of the most lushly beautiful lines in the world.  Check out his 24 HOUR COMIC from last year if you don’t believe me.  Jesse is also one of the best huggers alive.  Jesse joined the […]

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