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BLEEEAAAAARRRGH!!!!! (That’s zombie for “I’m back!”)

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Hello, Internetland!  I missed you ohsoverymuch!

Hopefully you were busy and having lots of fun while I was away, gettin’ all dolled up and paintin’ the town shades of red not often seen in more run-of-the-mill town-painting hijinks.  As per myself, I have been up to things.  Secret things.  Missteeriusssssss things.  Also boring things and normal things.  But I’ve been drawing!

And not only have I been drawing, but April brought a couple of REALLY cool things:

– my kids’ birthdays, who are now 6 and 8 (obligatory parental age awareness shockwave), with attached first-time trip to Underwater World at the Mall of America (I refuse to use its newer, boring-er moniker).  This younger guy who worked there developed a man-crush on me as we went through the underwater observation tube after he caught me excitedly telling my kids nerd-facts about all the various sea-creatures we were watching, and proceeded to follow me all through the exhibit telling me I should get a job there and making sure I witnessed the (admittedly incredible) 9-foot, elderly alligator gar.  He came right out at one point and confessed “I’m gonna follow you on into the rainforest exhibit… because I really like talking to you!”  He was actually really nice.  But a little uncomfortable.  Whoever you are, you ROCK, my fishy friend.

– As if to offset the shock of how old I’m getting, I super-surprise landed a job drawing pictures for a *REAL* *LIVE* VIDEO GAME!!!  Holy freaking crap!!!!!!!  And it’s all thanks to this very WordPress blog!  Thank you WordPress!  Some guys from Defiant Development in Australia were Googling images to fit their new dungeon-crawler for iOS called “Heroes Call”, and stumbled on my old sketch of Gormenghast.  They asked if they could use it for a loading screen image, and then asked if I’d be willing to draw any more!  Of course, I told them that their petty, handheld game held no interest for a pro-league craftsman like myself– actually, I pretty much just rolled around on the floor and begged them to let me do anything they asked.  It’s a good think we weren’t Skyping…  Here are the images we ended up with:

It was extra awesome because they wanted all of them to be really raw and sketchy, like the Gormenghast image, so I got to hone my brush skills a little!  Man, brush pens are FUN.  If you like drawing, you should get the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen.  *NOW.*  It’s the handy-dandiest thing EVER.  Anywho, I just finished those up and will see how they look ingame soon.  I think I’ll be able to post a video of it in action in a little bit!  Until then, you can see more drawings from my creation process with those over at my *b-r-a-n-d* *n-e-w*……..

DeviantArt gallery!  Yep, I finally got the motivationalness to throw a whole bunch of crap into one gallery space, and DeviantArt is a good place to do it.  I have been SO inspired by SO many awesome artists there that I took a long time to feel brave enough to post anything along the likes of some of those picture-masters.  But I did it, and it rocks.  Head on over and take a look!

– I got Skyrim a few months ago, and got REALLY really really excited about it for a while.  I mean, I still am, but holy buckets was I ever liking playing that game.  It’s really great.  I liked it so much, in fact, that I started a whole new blog just to write a journal based on my character’s adventures.  It didn’t last very long but writing from that goofy POV and taking screenshots for it was really fun, and I might pick it back up again at some point just for the joy of creative writing.  If you really want to see just how nerdy I can get, take a gander at the mishaps and mayhem of the incredible WELKYN WINWILLOW!

I really do want to keep this blog updated better, so here’s hoping.  I actually have a couple more recent drawings to post, so I’ll do that soon.  Until then, choose a nice shade of red for me!

Art Confessional Vomitorium: part II

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Hey!  Welcome back to my overview of things yet unfinished!

Moving along, last year’s 24-Hour Comics Day’s 24-hour comic: A Forest of Teeth.

Yeah, it’s sketched, but I’ve been meaning to ink it for… well, a year now, since the next 24-Hour Comics Day is NEXT WEEK!  YAAAAAAAGH!  I cannot believe it’s October again already!  I’m really excited for it, especially since I was just able to get work off to attend.  Every cartoonist/comic artist EVERYWHERE should find the nearest one and go insane.  (Seriously; you will go insane if you manage to stick out the entire 24 hours.  Heck, a lot of people start to wig out after like five or six.  It’s intense.  And ONLY FOR THE HARDCORE(/stupid)!!!)  October 2nd, people!  GO GO GO!  (I have a sweet idea for this year’s comic, while keeping to the randomness which makes it so challenging and fun.  Tee hee!)

The second entry in today’s vomitorium is the project I actually started this blog to help track, get motivated for and keep me accountable with.  Wow, that got left in the dust.  I haven’t worked on it for about as long as I’ve been hanging out with the Cartoonist Conspiracy, so almost TWO YEARS NOW!!!  I cannot believe how fast time speeds by my spinning head!  YaaaaAAAAaaaargh!

*ahem* Anyway, it’s the graphic novel I want to make.  Up at the top right of my blog there are page links to “The Schedule” and “Hurdles Hurdled”, both relating to this project.  I have a sweet story, sweet characters, and a sweet world just a-floatin’ around in my head, and it needs to get onto paper someday.  But for now, a few odds and ends from the beginnings of the birthing process:

I guess I halted work on this around the time I started learning about what it really takes to put a comic together and publish it.  I don’t want to think I started too late, but when I look at Nausicaa and Bone and think about the time it takes to put the whole shebang together, it sure feels that way.  On the other hand, when I look at all the ‘geezers’ in the biz still producing awesome stuff, I get some sense knocked into me.  Also, witnessing the hard work and passion that goes into every page of Manly Tales of CowardiceHijinks, Introspective Comics and Uptown Girl makes me want to cry in my lazy jerkness.  Bow to them, internetfriends, for their love pours forth in deed.

News of Ultimate Sweetness, plus Props

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Uh, no art to post today (soon, though), but some amazing news:  in the last two weeks I have put in about 18 hours in my new job as an intern at the art studio of Peter Gross, one of the creators behind the Vertigo comics book “Unwritten“!!!
The_Unwritten_1It’s a really fun comic to work on, and Peter’s work environment makes it a dream job.  The only difficult aspect is the 1-hour-each-way commute, making it hard to put a ton of hours in.  But it’s the first genuine, bonafide “art job” I’ve ever had!  (…not counting a year’s stint in High School as the cover artist for a video game catalogue put out by a local gaming store- perhaps something that would fun to post here for nostalgia’s sake someday.  I got paid in unlimited free video game time at their little lounge area, which is a story in and of itself…)
Anyway, I’m more excited and honored than I can even say, since I my portfolio was pretty unprofessional, with not a lot of real “comicky” content.  On that note, I am extremely grateful and indebted to Danno Klonowski, Dan Olson, Ted Anderson, and Steve Stwalley for being agents of my recent artistic opportunities, which really fleshed out my portfolio.  These dudes are awesome, and make me so excited to be a part of the Cartoonist Conspiracy.  If you aren’t a part of one, you should be.  Make your own cell today!
But my greatest debt belongs to Clarence Thrun, who, though we never hang out and I never get to do anything cool for him, has name-dropped me all over the place and is the one actually talked to Mr. Gross and found out about the opportunity.  In fact, if it wasn’t for Clarence, I would never have found out about Kevin and Zander Cannon, who connected me with the Cartoonist Conspiracy in the first place!  And I guess I might as well send out the ultimate props in all this to my very own brother Benjamin, who introduced me to Clarence, and has always been one of my biggest fans and supporters.  All these guys have played parts in making the last year one of the most exciting, entertaining, and motivating years in my whole life!  What does the future hold?  What goofy, cartoonish wonders lie over the horizon?  Stay tuned to find out as I do!!!
PS– coming up soon, I’ll write a run-down of what my duties at Peter’s studio actually include, and what it’s like to see comics made from the ground up.  It’s crazy fun!

Celebrating Bad Poetry Day

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For the tiny minority of you who didn’t know that August 18th was national Bad Poetry Day… it was.  We held a reading at Somewhere Else, the hang-out spot we staff at in Cambridge.  Don’t you wish you could staff at a “hang-out spot”?  I did, when I was seven and watched a lot of “Silver Spoons“.  Dreams DO come true!

Anyway, here’s a picture of us getting ready for it,


Click “read more” to experience the three poems I crafted just for the occasion.  Drumroll, please:

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Viking. Tattoo. Mutant puppy.

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I have a tip (recently discovered) for any parents out there who enjoy singing lullabies to their kids: learn “There’s a Hole in the Bucket (Dear Liza, Dear Liza).”  It’s a very calming song with a nice rhythm, and if you can make slightly different voices for Henry and Liza, it’s entertaining, too.

And with that randomness out of the way, here are a couple of recentish drawings, just to spice up the site while I’m working on other things:

vikingBike VikeThis is an illustration for a church biking/camping trip to Alexandria, the “Birthplace of America”; I’ve done a t-shirt design for them the last four years.



skull tattoo

Every few weeks I get re-convinced I need a tattoo.  I’m holding out for the perfect design idea, though, and it hasn’t appeared yet.  This one comes dang close, though.  Any suggestions?



And here’s… …       …      …anyway, here it is.  I was in a Jim Woodring mood.  Take him with you in your heart today; he needs love.

Still alive!

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Hey, world!  What’s happenin’ with you?   Lots of stuff going on, and some cool drawing opportunities have popped up.  I’ll post some projects later, but tonight I just wanted to update my “Jam Panels” page with frames from the last couple of International Cartoonist Conspiracy jams at Diamond’s coffee shop in Minneapolis.  So, even though I just linked to it in orange back there, here, again, is the link to the Jam Panels page.  Here.  To see Jam Panels.  ‘Cuz I know that’s what you navigated your way here to see.  But check back in the next couple of days for some actual real illustration postings!  Whee!  Later, dude!

Rollercoaster of Spring

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Here is our street at 6:30 am two days ago, on April 4th.


Here is our street the next day.  Minnesota is crazy.


But HEY!  Spring is here!  In its own funny way.  Oh!  And I have to share with anyone reading this that Dana and I discovered a fantastic British comedy from at least one of the amazing guys who did “Garth Marenghi’s DARKPLACE”, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  It’s called “THE IT CROWD”, about two I.T. guys and their new computer-illiterate boss in the basement of a fancy office building.  It’s low-budget, has a laugh track, and the humor is super, SUPER cheesy (it’s about techies, donchya know), but I think what sets it apart is the presence of one of my favorite comedy actors, Richard Ayoade.  He’s the guy with the parted ‘fro.  And he’s amazing.  He played Dean Learner in Darkplace, too.

One of the fun things about the show are all the little nerd-culture references in people’s clothes and posters on the wall around the office.  I’ve seen a bunch of things from some of my favortie comic artists and video games and stuff.  Anyway, if you’ve got Netflix, it’s on their “Watch Instantly” list, and in the meantime here’s the super-fly intro: