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Through a Windshield, Drippy

Posted in Fine Art, The Crazy World with tags , , on December 19, 2010 by gladlad

No new art today again, but someone else’s.   I have been struggling this year with my ability to color things in a realistic way; I am constantly awed by all these amazing digital folks who can catch light and shadow so wonderfully, and the process of replicating the color around us and how it conveys depth and mass is still such a mystery to me.  I’m such a line-drawing person that I am befoggled by those who can just slap broad patches of paint across a surface and suddenly there are birch trees with a patch of sunlight falling on them that bursts from the frame, or translucent skin that glows from inside.  It was in this frame of mind that I stumbled across Gregory Thielker.  When you look at his images (which you will, because you are now in the grip of my Jediesque mind-control) just be aware that they are OIL PAINTINGS.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I mean, I’ve seen some photorealists before, but these floored me because they actually convey multiple layers of space.  They are 3-D.  They are IN.  CRED.  IBBLE.  Click on his name or this picture for more brain-skewering paint-magic.