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The Blanket has Fallen

Posted in Drawings, Video Games on November 30, 2008 by gladlad

Well, the snow is staying.  It’s wood stove time.  Blankets are in the living room more often.  My cherished Fall has come and gone, and Old Man Winter has settled his crotchety old butt back into place again in fair Minnesota.  I just wanted to quick post a couple of recent drawings, ‘cuz I keep forgetting to.

My Cartoonist Consiracy friend Danno Klonowski self-publishes a fairly regular mini-comic called “Manly Tales of Cowardice” featuring the intrepid treasure-hunting trio of Fleming Hazmat, Betsy Rossbot and Atlantis Lad.  It’s a wonderful, goofy comic with great characters, and I was really excited when he asked me to do a guest illustration, which each issue features.  (Danno also did one of the best 24-Hour comics I read, but it never got scanned and posted on the site, so the world at large has to miss out on the awesomeness.)  Here’s the illustration I did of the aforementioned three main characters of Manly Tales:


Also, here’s a logo-thingy about being “Fishers of Men” I did for a friend.  He’s working on a book/essay/something dealing with evangelistic methodology in the missional church.  He’s cool.

netmakers-smallI also have to add that last week our household purchased the ‘whole band’ kit of Guitar Hero: World Tour.  There has been much, much rocking around the Wilson-Gillespie house of late.  The Tool songs are really challenging.  Perhaps I’ll post some candid photos soonerishly.

The Minn is a Harsh Mistress

Posted in Drawings, Things That Anger Me, Video Games on March 27, 2008 by gladlad

Hey, Paizanos! I’m a-back, and boy, do I have stuff to post! The post title is in reference to the fact that Minnesota is making me go crazy. If it snows one more freakin’ time after taunting us with lovely, melt-y days, I’m going to tell people not to move here. ‘Cause people are always asking me if they should move here…

Okay, so my part of the menu is finished (!!!), finally, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I say ‘my’ part because Dana is going to watercolor a little background scene for the cover which I’ll scan in to fill up the space around the restaurant’s name. For anyone who doesn’t know, “Joe’s on Main Street” is the sweetest restaurant in Cambridge. Bar none. And it’s the 3rd funnest place to hang out, after Somewhere Else and the bait shop. Hyuk! Anywho, I’ll post the finished cover as soon as it’s… finished. The last page is a space to scan in various business cards from friends of the owners. Now I’m gonna get goin’ on the (straightforward, one-page) drawing for my friend Rob, and then I’ll be all ready to get back to the grind on the comic, which tolls a heavy bell in my heart every day. I’ve had some good ideas for the story in the interim, though, so all should be well.


I kind of wanted to keep to a “food fantasyland” theme, which made it into most of the pages. If you look close, there are sausage cattails, pancakes and cups of coffee lilypads, fried egg flowers, bacon fronds, and of course mushrooms, which are great in omelettes. The lunch menu has a plate & beverage tree, and so on… Speaking of eggs: as I write this, I’m looking at a leftover plate of egg-salad sandwich one of the kids was eating, and I have to say that post-Easter egg-salad looks awesome. It’s about seven different colors; it looks like the food Robin Williams practices pretending with in “Hook”.

On a further side note, I played a lot of Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week (rented it for a party at Somewhere Else, then hogged it at home) and have decided that Pikachu is great. He gets to wear a kickin’ little karate bandana, too! On a side-side note, My three most-wanted games ever are all coming out for the Wii, which makes me want to pee my pants. They are as follows: Spore, Monster Hunter 3, and Okami. Oooooooookamiiiiiiiiii……. I’m salivating.




The first two are multiplayer (at least I hope MH3 will be), so who’s gonna hop on with me? Beuller?………… Beuller?

Oh, and just for Sara, here are the things from Tim and Jo-Jo’s wedding. WATERCOLORS BY DANA, everybody! Yow!


Also also, here’s the one my mom wanted to see:


I’ll write more in a little bit, and toss some more pics up of recent works, but now I need to go to bed. Stay tuned, and have fun!


Posted in Video Games on January 16, 2008 by gladlad

So I turned 30 on New Year’s Eve, and as a big ol’ “Good job surviving this long!” my wife Dana splurged and got me a Wii! It’s the first system that’s made me whimper in aniticipation in a long time, but I thought it’d never happen, and had put it into the “sacrifices you make as an adult that are stupid” category a while ago. It’s been a ton of fun, and I’ve been having more fun making “Mii”s than I probably should. Name that Office character!

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